Demand for Global Waterproof Breathable Textiles Market

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September 06, 2022 09:23 ET | Source: Facts & Factors Facts & Factors

NEW YORK, USA, Sept. 06, 2022 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Facts and Factors has published a new research report titled “Waterproof Breathable Textiles Market Size, Share, Growth Analysis Report By Raw Material (ePTFE, Polyurethane, Polyester, Others), By Fabric (Densely Woven, Membrane, Coated), By Application (General Clothing & Accessories, Sports Goods, Protective Clothing, Others), and By Region - Global Industry Insights, Comparative Analysis, Trends, Statistical Research, Market Intelligence, and Forecast 2022 – 2028” in its research database.

“According to the latest research study, the demand of global Waterproof Breathable Textiles Market size & share in terms of revenue was worth of USD 1,928.50 Million in 2021 and it is expected to surpass around USD 2,877.97 Million mark by 2028, growing at a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of approximately 6.90% during the forecast period 2022 to 2028.”

Due to the rising frequency of chronic diseases, consumers are becoming more aware of various fitness activities, resulting in an increase in the number of outdoor and indoor sporting activities. It's driving up demand for waterproof, breathable materials used in the production of comfortable, fashionable sportswear. The availability of diverse waterproof breathable fabrics, including coated textiles and laminates in a wide variety of fiber compositions, is leading to an increase in its appeal in a wide range of applications, including work wear, sportswear, and outdoor apparel.

Companies are now conducting research and development for waterproof, breathable sportswear with specified practical attributes utilizing environmentally friendly, water-based coating processes. Due to the strong demand for environmentally sustainable clothes, research activities are expected to rise rapidly in the near future.

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Increasing demand for protective apparel, including as industrial boots, gowns and jackets, masks, and coveralls, is fuelling market expansion, owing to a growing need for increased worker safety. Breathable coatings and films are useful for creating firefighter dress materials because they allow body sweat to escape quickly and lower the risk of heat stress, which is a leading cause of death in this profession.

Furthermore, the market is being supported by the increasing development of medical protective gear with waterproof breathable coatings such as Gore-Tex. In disposable surgical gowns, waterproof breathable films are used to enhance breathability and comfort. Various companies are investing more in the development of new products in order to increase the use of waterproof breathable textiles in general clothes and accessories, protective clothing, and sportswear around the world.

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The COVID-19 pandemic caused gyms and retailers to immediately change their methods to promote at-home exercises as customers adapted to the new normal. By 2020, the sportswear market would account for 40% of all online sales. Additionally, the increased popularity of outdoor activities like hikes will increase demand for outwear comprised of waterproof breathable materials during the winter. The continuous COVID-19 pandemic has caused an increase in worry and anxiety among people, and ideas of virtual wellness and relaxation are growing in popularity.

During harsh lockdowns, people's interest in fitness activities is rising in many different nations. Activewear makers are seeking to provide sustainable materials with greater performance in response to the rising focus that consumers are placing on environmentally responsible products.

Based on the Raw Material, the primary aspects supporting the expansion of the polyurethane category are outstanding waterproofing performance and environmentally favorable qualities. Growing investments in research & development, marketing, and manufacture of polyurethane-based waterproofing breathable textiles are also predicted to contribute to market expansion. Waterproof breathable textile composites manufactured with polyurethane films provide excellent breathability for user comfort and are increasingly being used to make highly cost-effective waterproof breathable textile composites. Additionally, these films improve the product's durability by imparting puncture, abrasion, and chemical resistance to the materials to which they are bonded.

Based on the Fabric, the membrane category is expected to grow at the highest CAGR due to its improved breathability and water-resistant capabilities. Membrane-based fabrics are extremely effective in maintaining the ideal body temperature, providing consumers with improved comfort. Membranes are applied to the bottom of a garment's face fabric, similar to how wallpaper is applied to a wall. Membranes are applied to a textile product to create laminated waterproof breathable fabrics. These are thin polymeric membranes with a strong resistance to water penetration and vapor permeability from perspiration.

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China is the largest economy in Asia-Pacific in terms of GDP. Although the country's growth remains strong, it is slowing as the population ages and the economy shifts from investment to consumption, manufacturing to services, and external to internal demand. Due to rising demand from the footwear and garment industries, China's waterproof breathable textiles market is predicted to rise rapidly. Growing consumer demand for fitness-related sports products as a result of increased health awareness is driving the market in China. As a result, China's sportswear manufacturing operations have increased.

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