Global Waterproof Breathable Textiles Market is Projected

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Newark, NJ, Oct. 22, 2021 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- As per the report published by Fior Markets, the global Waterproof Breathable Textiles market is expected to grow from USD 2.1 billion in 2020 and to reach USD 3.29 billion by 2028, growing at a CAGR of 5.8% during the forecast period 2021-2028.

The Waterproof Breathable Textiles market is witnessing significant growth from the past years. This growth is attributed to the increasing adoption of products in the sportswear manufacturing sector due to their lightweight and durable properties. The rising awareness of fitness is having a favourable impact on the sportswear industry, thus increasing the demand for waterproof and breathable (WBT) fabrics. The increasing popularity of outdoor sports, coupled with the growing preference for comfortable and stylish sportswear and weather protection, is expected to affect the market positively.

Waterproof Breathable Textiles is referred to as textiles that are inherently or have been treated to become resistant to water penetration and wetting. The term impermeable refers to compliance with a specification and the specific conditions of a laboratory test method. Even whilepressing on a waterproof garment, it will still be waterproof. The amount of pressure exerted on the garment before starting to get wet varies, and the amount can be determined by checking the water column of the garment. The waterproof material is expected to protect against rain, snow, and wind fully and completely prevent penetration and absorption of liquid water. Usually, waterproof fabrics act as a barrier between body and the moisture in the environment. Waterproof materials can provide excellent protection from the elements. They cannot carry sweat through clothing to the outside, causing a person to get wet from the inside of the dress.


The factors driving the market are increasing product adoption in the sportswear manufacturing industry due to its lightweight and durable properties worldwide. The growing awareness of fitness favourably affects the sportswear industry, thus increasing the demand for waterproof and breathable (WBT) fabrics. The low cost and excellent breathable and waterproof properties of waterproof and breathable (WBT) materials increase the 'use in the production and design of uniforms. Waterproof and breathable fabrics are incredibly light compared to traditional alternatives, significantly reducing the weight of the uniform. Being environmentally friendly, they offer greater comfort than their petroleum-based options. Factors holding back market growth are the inability to anticipate or respond to consumer preferences. The gradual launch of bio-based breathable waterproof fabrics and polyurethane-based waterproof breathable fabrics are expected to provide market growth opportunities.

Key players operating in global waterproof breathable textiles market include SympaTex Technologies; Mountain Hardwear; Polartec, LLC; W. L. Gore and Associates, Inc., The North Face; Schoeller Textil AG; and Toray Industries, Inc., Marmot Mountain LLC. To gain a significant market share in the global waterproof breathable textiles market, the key players are now focusing on adopting strategies such as product innovations, mergers & acquisitions, recent developments, joint venture, collaborations, and partnership. SympaTex Technologies and W. L. Gore and Associates, Inc. are some of the key manufacturers operating in waterproof breathable textiles market.

Polyurethane segment dominated the market and held the largest market share of 40.9% in the year 2020

Based on raw material, the global waterproof breathable textiles market is segmented into Polyester, ePTFE, Polyurethane. the polyurethane segment dominated the market and held the largest market share of 40.9% in the year 2020. This growth is attributed to the increasing investments in research and development in various emerging economies, they offer exceptional breathability for user comfort and are progressively used to create highly practical waterproof breathable textile composites.

Membrane segment dominated the market and held the largest market share of 39.15% in the year 2020

Based on fabric, the global waterproof breathable textiles market is segmented into densely woven, membrane and coated. The membrane segment dominated the market and held the largest market share of 39.15% in the year 2020. This growth is attributed to the high efficiency of membrane fabrics in maintaining optimal body temperature, thus offering superior comfort to consumers. They offer a high resistance to water penetration and vapour permeability transpiration increasing the demand of the segment.

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Regional Segment of Waterproof Breathable Textiles Market

Based on geography, the global waterproof breathable textiles market is classified into North America, Europe, Asia-Pacific, Middle East & Africa, and South America. Asia-Pacific region held the largest market share of 25.16% in the year 2020. Owing to the growing population with rising per capita income, the increasing popularity of outdoor and indoor sports is generating massive demand for sportswear. This growth is ascertained by the Canada in the North America region owing to growing demand for rainproof products such as weather-proof jackets, trousers and shoes in the country. The market in Europe is expected to witness significant growth, owing to the increasing of well-developed sports culture, with a growing demand for highly breathable and waterproof training equipment and shoes sourced from the outdoor sports industry.

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