'Wet wipes, safety pins to a pencil': Deepika Padukone reveals what she keeps in her bag | Fashion

2022-09-03 00:38:28 By : Mr. Min Duan

Bollywood star Deepika Padukone is one of the most loved actors in the Indian film industry. Apart from entertaining her fans with her ace acting skills, the actor also enjoys a massive following of over 67 million on Instagram. She keeps her fans entertained with creative videos featuring her daily life. The actor recently took up the 'What's in my bag' challenge and revealed the things she carries with her all the time.

Taking to her Instagram, Deepika Padukone recently dropped a video in which she opened up her handbag before her fans and revealed what things she carries with her all the time. In the video, Deepika revealed how she carries her "whole house" in her bag. The actor opened her Louis Vuitton bag and explained the reason behind carrying each and every item in her bag. In the caption, she wrote, "Those who know me, know that I literally carry my whole house in my handbag!"

She began with a pair of sunglasses and revealed she uses them to either glam up a look or whenever she is tired. She further pulled out a bunch of house keys and revealed she has a key to her main door, back door, master bedroom and more. The Gehraiyaan star further revealed she always keeps an orange blossom perfume with her.

Deepika Padukone further revealed how she is obsessed with collecting Airline cards. Not just that she has the cards with her all the time, but she also has them laminated. Talking about her obsession with collecting airline cards, Deepika said, "My airline cards are more important than my credit cards." During the video, Deepika further revealed how an actor should always carry something in their bag that keeps them grounded.

The next item in her bag was her notebook and a pencil. Talking about the same, Deepika revealed she likes to write her notes in her diary and not on her phone. She also gave a dialogue delivery hack to her fans with the use of a pencil. The actor explained how speaking a dialogue becomes easier after practising it while putting a pencil in her mouth. Moving ahead, Deepika revealed she also has a face mist, a phone stand and a hair tie. She further pulled out a pouch and revealed she has her medicines, a pen to clean stains, wet wipes, tampons, a nail file, safety pins, bandaids and more in it. 

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